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Custom cookie pricing and pricing breakdown



What goes into your order and my current pricing.

Sunny Lemon's cookies was created in 2019 from the love of baking and creating art.

It was a way to challenge myself creatively, give joy to my day to day as a young mother and bring in income to my family. 

ALOT goes into creating custom cookies.

For an average 2 dozen cookies..

  • 1-2 hours collecting inspiration, designing cookies and cookie cutters, ordering items and 3D printing cookie cutters.

  • 1-2 hours making dough and cutting shapes and Baking.

  • 2-4 hours making icing, mixing colors and icing consistencies. 

  • 10-15 hours decorating.

  • 1 hour packaging. 

Total time spent on creating your custom cookie order: 15-24 Hours

This does not include - Clean up Time, Organizing orders, pickup times and availability, communication, photography, exc.) 

More often than not I would find myself creating cookies ordered as simple and detailed and would finish them completely detailed.

Creating was and still is my favorite part of my work!!

In order to prevent burnout and also to keep my passion for this project alive, I've decided to change my pricing to only one price per dozen.


$65 for one dozen detailed cookies.

This set price will help me keep each order intimately focused, highly customized and unique.

Allowing me to truly create edible pieces of art. 

I appreciate your time, support and continued encouragement.



$65 (per dozen)

3-6+ shapes

All detailed designs.

 3-6 colors, hand painted technique, intricate piping and intricate designs. metallics, florals exc.

can also include edible ink printed details.

Character cookies

I struggle with perfection! lol

In order to create happiness in myself and my finished products, character cookies will utilized my edible ink printer.

This allows me to capture the character in the exact likeness.

Printed images from my edible ink printer are completely edible and GMC certified.

Packaging and packaging options

All cookies come in individual heat sealed bags for freshness, and packaged in a box with a ribbon or twine.

*Additional presentations are available upon request for an additional charge.

Individual packaging with bows, exc.

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